Originally inspired by the “infinite time and no ambition” offerings of Vanda Scaravelli, our practice is a pause, making room to notice the inner landscape of our bodies and our lives. With an approach of curiosity and compassion, begin an inquiry of subtle non-insistent movement and breath, and bring wonderment to resourcing, with inner response and agency honoured in somatic embodiment. Unlearn habitual tension, explore full-body presence and feel your aliveness under the surface in this unhurried experience of yoga.

  • The following classes are by session (at $15/class) or drop in ($20)
  • Sliding scale available
  • Currently on Zoom from Bad Dog Studio
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Shanti Yoga



Embodied Yoga



Please contact Anne for details on sessions.


Seasonal Dances

Seasonal dances

Dance Your Life Experience!

Each season mark your life. Enter into the inquiry, play with movement and stillness, free dance and traditional circle dance, invigorated by world music. Honour earth, air, water, fire and space, in you and around you. Dance your aliveness and your devotion. Celebrate the season and enjoy warm community. No dance experience necessary.

  • Pricing: $10

Dances will return when it's safe to, once again, gather.


Anne standing in the garden

“Yoga, dance, beauty-making, ceremony, this breath you are giving in each exhalation. Not self growth, but remembering and human-making, in service to your people, and to your sweet corner of this world.”


Workshops will return when it's safe to, once again, gather.

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