A Year to Breathe – A year-long inquiry, with monthly meetings

As yoga teachers, yoga therapists and integrative health care practitioners, we support our clients through loss, shatterings and sufferings of all kinds. Whether it is a difficult injury, ongoing disease, persistent anxiety, underlying trauma or a terminal diagnosis, under the surface is often deep fear: of dying, of death, of being gone. How can we truly be of help? We can start by engaging in self-refective work (svadyaya) focused on our own embodied grief illiteracy and death phobia. In each monthly meeting (three hour session) over one full year, we let yoga philosophy, current writings about death and poetry lead the way. Throughout our days we'll investigate cultural dying practices, ancestry, language, the skillfulness of grief and how befriending death can bring depth and purpose to our daily life. Together we'll explore somatic movement and breath, known to soften anxiety and fear, possible unto our last days. And lastly, we'll honour the practice of savasana (and all endings) entrusted to us, in order to to better prepare us to be unprepared. Then, perhaps, we can be fully present to our clients, made wider and more available, as compassionate fellow mortals on the path.

Please be in contact (via email) if you’d like to be contacted with more information on this program, starting in Spring 2022.